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Event date: 14th April
Start: 9am

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Hey, hometown heroes! Get ready to lace up those running shoes because our 'hometown half' marathon is just around the corner, and it's not just about breaking a sweat—it's about breaking records and making a lasting impact!


This isn't just any marathon; it's a chance for our tight-knit town to come together, cheer each other on, and create memories that will linger in the air long after the last runner crosses the finish line.

What makes this marathon truly special? Well, we're not just racing against the clock; we're racing to make a difference. For every runner who joins the fray, we're planting not one, not two, but a whopping 10 trees! That's right, you'll be leaving a trail of green in your wake, ensuring a leafy legacy for generations to come!

So, whether you're a seasoned marathon pro or just starting your running journey, mark your calendars for the 'hometown half' in April. Let's make this more than a run—it's a stride toward a brighter, leafier tomorrow. Lace up, embrace the rhythm of the run, and let's leave a legacy that goes beyond the finish line.


See you at the start line, hometown heroes!

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Volunteer to marshal at our 2024 Hometown Half and leave a legacy that goes beyond the finish line

To volunteer please contact Beth

01473 945495

  • Sunday 14th April 2024. Race starts at 9am 

  • Requesting all runners to be at the start location at 8:15am to collect race numbers and to have race briefing 

  • Starting at Lightship Way, The Hythe, Colchester CO2 8GY

  • Finishing at Promenade Way, Brightlingsea, Colchester CO7 0HH

  • Marshalls and water stations set up along the course

  • Clear signage will be up along the course

  • Event Contact: Bethany White 01473 945495

  • Ambulance and bike medic on site   

Runners have access to Essex University's Sport Facilities for changing rooms and toilets for the start of the Hometown Half. 


The address is: 

University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park


The Wivenhoe trail, renowned for its scenic beauty, winds its way through a blend of natural landscapes and urban areas. Following the course of the River Colne, the picturesque path offers outdoor enthusiasts and fantastic route to explore.


For residents and visitors alike, the trail provides a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the outdoors while discovering the charm of local surroundings. With numerous spots where one can pause, take a breather, and savour the view - unless of course, you're partaking in a half marathon along its course!


The path serves as a delightful escape, allowing individuals to connect with nature while being enveloped in the historical and cultural tapestry of Colchester, Britain's first City, with a history dating back to Roman times.


The Hythe serves as a starting point for the run. Here, art and poetry have been ingeniously incorporated to refurbish the station platform, narrating the tale of the Hythe, its industries, and its people.


The Wivenhoe trail, therefore, seamlessly blends the beauty of the outdoors with the historical narrative of its surrounding towns, creating a truly unique journey for all who traverse its path.

Colchester to Brightlingsea via the Wivenhoe Trail
13 miles 192.5 yards

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Attention Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe, and Colchester businesses! We invite you to be a vital part of our upcoming Hometown Half Marathon.


This event is dedicated to fostering community support and connections, and who better embodies the essence of our communities than you! Whether you're eager to actively participate, want to benefit from complimentary marketing opportunities, or simply wish to learn more about the run, reach out to us now!


Your involvement will contribute to the success of this community-driven initiative, and we look forward to collaborating with you. Connect with us now to explore the exciting possibilities!

For further details please contact Beth

01473 945495

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