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Color Run

Here at Eveson Row, we take pride in our strong partnership with the Workhorse Generation who share our passion for supporting the younger generation as they embark on professional journeys. 

Together, we aim to build a bridge between experience and ambition, ensuring that the transition into career journeys is not only smooth but also filled with opportunities for growth and success. 

Who are Workhorse Generation?

Workhorse Generation acts as a charity hub committed to guiding, educating, and empowering the next generation through the constant support and reinforcement of their registered charities.








Workhorse Generation underpins multiple inspirational charities across the country acting as a podium to increase the voice required to push their message while providing an audience to listen and an area where today's generation can gain an insight into the obstacles faced by tomorrow’s. From mental health, to knife crime, and so much more, Workhorse Generation acts as a beacon to all. 

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